Indmeas carried out on September 16-17th the first on-site flow calibrations in Estonia; flow and energy measurements of district heating were calibrated at the Eesti Energy heating and power plant.   

 AS Teramet, who markets Indmeas on-site calibrations in Estonia, had invited over 20 persons to follow the calibration procedure. The invited represented authorities as well as the process industry, such as water purification plants and power plants.  

Measurement engineers Hannu Seppälä ja Antti Peuhkurinen presented in detail the calibration method and -results to the participants (picture).


Ackredited on-site calibrations will facilitate the quality assurance of larger process measurements in the Estonia.   

"So far smaller meters have been calibrated at laboratories, whereas larger flow measurements in many cases never have been calibrated", says Hannu Seppälä.