Marcus Grönlund from Åbo Akademi has during the summer worked at Indmeas on his master's thesis concerning 'District heating network monitoring". 

In the thesis Marcus develops automated methods for monitoring the network's energy efficiency and measurement quality.

The methods are utilizing remote reading of measurement data (from end users), balance calculation and quality assured production measurements. 

The heating plants Rauman Energia (pictured) and Vantaan Energia are participating in the survey.  

Siginificant observations have already been made at Rauman Energia, such as faulty district heating stations. 

"Our main interest is to find new benefits that we can get from the remote data reading. So far we only use it for invoicing purpose", says Jouni Kartano from Rauman Energia.

”The majority of the heating plants use in fact today the data only for invoicing. 

The potential for further benefits is great, in particular since the need for energy efficiency improvement is constantly growing", says Marcus Grönlund.

The thesis will be ready by the end of November.