Continuous validation of measurement quality 

Solutions for ensuring process data quality

Continuous validation of measurement quality eases maintenance activities. Reliable and accurate measurement data enables utilizing process data efficiently for different purposes. Also, low-quality process data leads easily to wrong solutions – resulting often as financial losses and production issues.

Indmeas verifies reliability of measurements, covering everything from few measurements to whole balances. Periodic field calibrations are the first step towards high-quality measurement data, whereas continuous validation of measurement quality ensures reliability also between the calibrations. We monitor target meter accuracy continuously, and thus, measurement errors are recognized fast. The methods we use are much more advanced and accurate than the ones used in automation systems (manually defined) traditionally.

Continuous validation of measurement quality enables optimized maintenance activities by focusing necessary maintenance and calibration activities for the meters not performing properly. This results as increased credibility for tasks utilizing measurement data, such as invoicing, investment calculations, reporting and control loops. Our energyfiber and water process pages show more targets and objectives for continuous validation of measurement quality.