Efficient fiber and material processes


Our solutions for improved fiber and material efficiency


We provide our customers with a big picture approach for fiber processes, covering everything from wood logs to final products. We find the best operation practices and problematic process areas in your processes. We achieve this by validating process data, examining fiber flow through different sub-processes, as well as by comparing current state to best practices. This reveals the most attractive targets for improving fiber efficiency and minimizing losses.

We see companies monitoring end product quality, but they do not fully understand fiber-mix in early parts of process and its effects on the end product quality. Additionally, there is a lot of room for improvement for knowing fiber loss sources in different sub-processes and operation models.

We apply our fiber efficiency services typically in pulp & paper industry, but we also help improve material processes in other industries, such as metals and petro chemistry industries.


Our capabilities within material processes

  • Process efficiency improvement
  • Operations development
  • Material flow optimization
  • Ensuring correct invoicing