Intelligent water processes


Solutions for improved water efficiency 

Our water management services help people responsible for water management to get control over water usage. Reliable view on current state, history and root-cause relationships improves predictability of investments, process challenges and costs. Reporting based on validated process data reduces risks of mistakes with process changes, environmental issues or higher level KPI activities. Activities based on unreliable process data often lead to inefficient use of time & resources, and also fundamental problem and improvement areas are hard & slow to find.

We apply our water management services in energy & process industry and municipal water utilities. Depending on the case and context we apply either continuous or one-time approach. Co-operation with Indmeas provides you with reliable foundation and strong implementation capabilities for improving your water process performance.


Our capabilities within water processes

  • Water management
  • Emission reduction
  • Water usage optimization
  • Ensuring correct invoicing