Components of improvement of efficiency

This procedure can be applied to improving all the critical factors of process efficiency. This procedure can be applied to improving all the critical factors of process efficiency, i.e. energy efficiency, raw materials and availability. Digitalization can also be used to support and speed up change management.


Energy efficiency improvement

Best practice analysis of process data is used to identify the most potential areas for cost savings and operating practices for improving energy efficiency

  • By reducing occasional emissions of heat
  • In steam-condensate system
  • By optimizing heat production and usage
  • In water warm ups
  • In securing performance of heat exchangers
  • In heat reclaiming

Availability improvement

Bad availability is caused by

  • Unplanned shut-downs
  • Gaps in performance
  • Gaps in product quality

Unplanned shutdowns can be minimized utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. The idea is to use process data and knowledge of earlier shut-downs for creating machine learning model that helps the operator avoiding risk of Future shut-downs.

Gaps in performance means the difference between target and actual speed of production. The gap is minimized through utilizing best practice analysis and through operations utilizing machine learning.

Gaps in product quality stands for difference between target and actual quality. It can be minimized with the same methods as Gaps in performance.

Raw material efficiency improvement

Bet practice model, that is based on continuous analyses of process and history data, can improve fiber economics

  • By minimizing water usage
  • By Improving chemical economics
  • By improving reclaiming processes
  • By reducing emissions

Change management

Value is created only after the improved process practices are implemented properly. Digitalization can be used to

  • Increase transparency of change process, i.e. identify the people who have adopted the new ways of working
  • Track the progress and speed it up
  • Ensure that new results are not lost in the Future


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