Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials in Energy and Process industry



Fortum Högdalenverket in Stockholm is the largest waste inciniration plant in the Nordic countries, producing more than 70 MW electricity and 360 MV district heating. Indmeas has collaborated with the plant since 1989.  

"With the help of Indmeas balance analysis and on-site calibrations our whole energy balance has been validated.

Regular balance validation keeps our total measurement quality in good shape and saves us maintenance costs".

 Anders Regert, Fortum Högdalenverket

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Amager Ressource is the second biggest waste incineration plant in Denmark. Indmeas validates monthly the plant's efficiency rates, energy balance and measurement quality. 

"As a result of our collaboration we have now a validated energy and massbalance. Additionally, we have a clear monthly production report, that the whole organization can use.

The reliable and logical reporting enables us to optimize the production from month to month".

Jesper Studsgaard, Amager Ressource Center



 Helsinki Energy's Salmisaari power plant produces 160 MV electricity and 300 MV district heating for the capital area.

Indmea's best practice-tool for maximizing the efficiency has been taken into use in the plant's control room. 

"The application helps us to maximize the efficiency without risking the plant availability". 

Anton Laari, Salmisaaren voimalaitos

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Oriketo plant and Indmeas started a cooperation 2012 to determine and follow-up the plant's fuel energy.    

Based on the indirect measurement method the real fuel effect arriving to the plant could be determined with an accuracry of 3%. 

 "With the help of an accurate control value we have been able to improve our sampling methods and this way reach significant savings in fuel costs".    

 Ilkka Syrjälä, Turku Energia



The Fortum Bristaverket in Stockholm produces yearly 763 GWh district heating and 293 GWh electricity out of biofuel. Indmea's on-line efficiency monitoring is installed in the plant's automation system.

"Now we can estimate optimization measures in real-time, as we before had to do it retroactively by calculation.  

The on-line monitoring helps us also to make correct investment decisions".

Göran Blommé, Fortum Bristaverket



Sappi Kirkniemi in Finland manufacturers coated magazine paper with three paper machines. Indmeas has since 1997 assured the quality of the plant's key flow measurements.   

"By regular calibrations of our most important process measurements we can validate the key figures of our energy consumption.  

The calibration database works also a significant support for maintenance purposes as well as for audits of the plant's quality system". 

Ilkka Palmu, Sappi Finland I Oy, Kirkniemi

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 Vattenfall AB Värme Nyköping delivers annually over 300 GWh district heating to housing in the Nyköping area. 

"Indmeas assures on regular basis the quality of our key measurements for district heating.

This way we can be sure that we charge our customers correctly".

Rolf Abramsson, Vattenfall AB



Savon Voima Oyj is one of the biggest energy suppliers in Finland. The company's distribution network delivers services to over 106.000 electricity and 2.500 district heating clients.

The Pieksämäki plant measures the stack gas flow rate on-line using the Indmeas stack gas fan method. 

"Thanks to the Indmeas services we have, at the Pieksamäki plant, a continuous and accurate boiler efficiency measurement helping us to control and improve our energy efficiency.

With the stack gas fan measurement we can identify air leaks and monitor even minor changes in our efficiency".  

Janne Tepponen, Savon Voima Oyj

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Kalmar Energi is the leading energy supplier in its area. Moskogen power and heating plant produces district heating and electricity to 30.000 clients in South Eastern Sweden. In 2011 the plant took a new boiler in use.     

 "Indmeas carried out the new boiler's flow calibrations efficiently and with high quality. Based on these we could assure the correct measurement values for the performance tests".     


Pontus Steinvall, project director Kraftvärme Moskogen

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Rautaruukki produces and delivers globally metalbased construction components. For the validation of Ruukki Metals energy balance Indmeas calibrated all flare gas flow measurements in the production.     

"Thanks to the on-site calibrations we can trust the flare gas measurement values, which allows us to optimize the production integration". 

Kimmo Kinnunen, Rautaruukki Oy

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Stora Enso Oyj is a global player in the forest industry with an annual turnover of 9000 MEUR. Indmeas has assured the measurement quality in Stora Enso's Imatra plant since 2003.

"Thanks to Indmeas balance analyses and calibrations the measurement errors in our fiber production have decreased by more than 60% since the start of our collaboration.    

This good measurement quality gives us also accurate production reports and allows us to allocate the fiber costs on different production lines more correctly".    

    Marjo Törönen, Imatran tehtaat

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The Syvab's Himmerfjärd purification plant treats water in a large area on the west side of Stockholm. Indmeas calibrates regularly the outgoing waste water flow measurement.   

"We report this flow value to the authorities. The collaboration has worked very well. It is important for us that we do not need to call and order to calibration each time; Indmeas calls us well before due time to plan the calibration". 

Sara Söhr, Prosessipäällikkö Syvab



Alholmens Kraft in the city of Pietarsaari is the biggest biofuel power plant in the world.

Indmeas produces the uncertainty and risk analysis for the plant's yearly CO2-emission.      

"We do not fully master the uncertainty and risk determination. Thanks to the collaboration with Indmeas we can minimize the risks for faults and can also benefit from knowledge received at other plants.

We also do not have to use time on understanding the new EU-directives and can concentrate purely on running our operation".      

 Björn Åkerlund, Alholmens Kraft

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Nesto Oil's Porvoo unit is one of the most modern refineries in Europe. It produces, with a capacity of 11 t/a, all major oil products for the traffic and industry. 

“Thanks to Indmeas gamma scanning we know in detail the state of our distillation columns.

Indmeas has proved to be a reliable supplier, who has produced high quality measurement services even in challenging conditions.”

Minna Nurmi, Neste Oil Porvoo



Ekokem Oy Ab production facility in Riihimäki, Finland, processes over 120 000 tons of hazardous waste annually. All the waste incineration processes have been inspected with the Indmeas tracer studies.

“The Indmeas tracer measurement gives us a distinct result for fulfilment of the required two-second time delay.”

Ekokem Oy Ab, Riihimäki



Metsä Board is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of paperboard, fine paper and magazine paper. Metsä Board Joutseno BCTMP produces 300 000 t/a and Joutseno 270 000 t/a bleached CTMP.

“We have a large number of operationally critical measurements.

With the help Indmeas on-site calibrations we can trust the continuous accuracy and quality of these measurements”.

Miika Sinkko, Metsä Board Joutseno BCTM


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Vimmerby Energi & Miljö AB produces district heating and electricity. Indmeas quality assures the plant's key flow measurements including a yearly control between the calibrations.

"Additionally to the technical measurement control Indmeas analyses our fuel consumption and the difference between produced and delivered energy - essential data for our NOx-reporting. 

I see the yearly control as a light and efficient procedure to validate production data and check the measurement quality between calibrations".

Mats-Lennart Karlsson, Vimmerby Energi

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Vantaa Energy is one of Finland's biggest energy companies. A large part of the energy is produced in the Martinlaakso power plant.

Indmea's accredited stack method is used in the Mar-2 unit's coal boiler. The measurement uncertainty for the total CO2-emission is 1,8%.  

"By accurate emission measurement directly in the stack we can avoid the costy and time consuming fuel sampling and laboratory analysis.

The method has thereby also been a smart investment for us". 

Samuli Björkbacka, Martinlaakso power plant


Preem is Sweden's biggest oil company with an annual refining capacity of around 16 miljon tons of crude oil. Indmeas assures the measurement quality in the Lysekil refinery.

”With the help of Indmeas flow calibrations we have obtained accurate flare gas and combustion gas measurements, needed for the CO2 –reporting and balance control".

Karl-Gösta Mattsson, Preemraff Lysekil