First on-site flow calibrations carried out in Estonia

22.09.2014   //   Indmeas

Indmeas carried out on September 16-17th the first on-site flow calibrations in Estonia; flow and energy measurements of district heating were calibrated at the Eesti Energy heating and power plant.  ...

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Rauman Energia and Vantaan Energia participate in a new survey on district heating network monitoring

01.09.2014   //   Indmeas

Marcus Grönlund from Åbo Akademi has during the summer worked at Indmeas on his master's thesis concerning 'District heating network monitoring". 

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Faults in waste water flow measurements are very common - quality assurance needed

11.08.2014   //   Indmeas

The majority of waste water flow measurements are installed in open channels. The only way to assure the quality of these measurements is by on-site calibration. 

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Indmeas starts monitoring the measurement quality at the Harjavalta industry park

23.06.2014   //   Indmeas

STEP Harjavalta produces and sells annually over 600 GWh energy to plants situated in the Harjavalta industry park. The biggest customer plants are Boliden, Yara and Kemira. 

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Indmeas held a presentation at the CEM 2014 Emission conference in Istanbul

28.05.2014   //   Indmeas


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A new cost-efficient method for measuring the total CO2-emission in the stack has been developed

22.04.2014   //   Indmeas

The emission is measured by using a continuous CO2-concentration measurement in the stack and a stack gas flow measurement.

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Online Monitoring of Process Measurement Quality - article published in the international Maintworld magazine

20.03.2014   //   Indmeas

Maintworld (2/2013) has published an article on Indmeas' new online analyzing system of process measurement quality.

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Indmeas has calibrated the first LNG-measurement

04.03.2014   //   Indmeas

Indmeas has successfully tested the transit time method on LNG flow measurement calibration.

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Indmeas will carry out on-site calibrations in Slovenia

21.01.2014   //   Indmeas

Energetika Ljubljana, d.o.o. is the largest heat supply company in Slovenia and also among the largest in the area of natural gas supply.

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