Indmeas starts monitoring the measurement quality at the Harjavalta industry park

STEP Harjavalta produces and sells annually over 600 GWh energy to plants situated in the Harjavalta industry park. The biggest customer plants are Boliden, Yara and Kemira. 

The STEP Harjavalta plant has hundreds of process measurements.

Energy balance validation and maintenance steering have been demanding tasks for the plant.     

”We have not been able to get the energy balance in control ourselves. It has been difficult to find invoicing errors among the huge amount of data", says Kimmo Sandberg from STEP Harjavalta.         

Indmeas and STEP Harjavalta started the collaboration of a continued measurement quality control in June.

Prior to the monitoring service, Indmeas has carried out calibrations on the site for years.

”Indmeas calibrates yearly our key process measurements, but concerning the steam measurements in particular, a continued monitoring is needed", Sandberg continues.     

Arppoximately one hundred measurements of the energy balance are now continually monitored.  

The measurement data is transferred hourly through a secured remote access to the monitoring system. Measurement alarms are followed both at Indmeas and at the plant and discussions are held on actions to be taken.  

With the service the plant wants to assure a correct cost division to its customers and improve the maintenance of the measurement intruments.  

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