Selling industrial services – what has changed?

08.08.2018   //   Indmeas

I am a sales guy. My background is in selling industrial services, but I had approximately 4 years break while I worked as a management consultant. Now I have been back at ‘real work’ again for approx...

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How is Stora Enso digitalizing – and how do they encourage for taking digital risks and reaching revenue?

15.06.2018   //   Indmeas

I participated Indmeas’ customer seminar and listened to a presentation of Stora Ensos digital functions. Marko Yli-Pietilä, the director of Stora Enso Smart operations, showed us the model of the com...

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The theme for the Digiday was producing value for energy and process industry

04.06.2018   //   Indmeas

Indmeas Digiday in the end of May gathered together over 30 professionals on energy, forest and petrochemical industries. The speakers of the day discussed the theme from their companies’ point of vie...

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